STEP IN - Studying, training and educational paths for the integration of young Roma
European Care Certificate (ECC)
Mobile Youth Work in the youth community (15-25 years old)
NEW LAND for the Mobile Youth Work in Varna
Youth Fund - Makzuda
Mobile Work for selfhelp of social disadvantaged families
Social entrepreneurship
Work with children and families in the Asparuhovo quarter: Mobile Kindergarten and others
Minibus for the outreach work with children and families of isolated Roma quarters in the district of Varna
Self Help Center for foster families in Varna and Aksakovo
European Mentoring in Social Care
Mobile work for the equality of women and men in the Maksuda quarter
Social work with homeless or socially excluded families/people or families/people, who are at risk of homelessness or social exclusion
Helping Ourselves Prevent sexual Exploitation (HOPE)
“A step forward”. Support programme for the personal development of young people in the “ghetto”

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