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Currently ongoing activities are funded almost entirely by Liebenau Foundation & Foundation Sv.Frantsisk Hayligenbron.Social Association "St. Andrew" investment is supported by Circle of Friends Social Association "St. Andrew".

Donations are essential for the further development and expansion projects.

Projects & development:
Liebenau Foundation
St. Francis Heiligenbronn Foundation
Varna Municipality, Department Education (Directorate Education and Youth Work)
Municipality of Varna (Directorate Preventions)
St. Andrew Social Association’s Circle of Friends
Renovabis Association
Aktion Mensch Association
Kindermissionswerk Die Sternsinger Association
Agnes Philippine Walter Foundation
BIGENT - Education, Health, Development
Vocational training center “Adolf Aich”
Kirill Georgieff Foundation
Secours Catholique Caritas France
72-hours campaign of the federation of the catholic youth (BDKJ) in the deanery of Friedrichshafen and of the Bodensee district
School of Theodor Heuss, Offenburg, and Youth center “bowl”, Offenburg
Danube-Networkers, Ulm, „ILEU“ Association
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